Our Personal Survival Award complements Learn to Swim Stages 6-7.

Ducklings and Dolphins Survival Award is designed to offer a little peace of mind for parents and guardians in terms of children’s safety in the water. Covering survival knowledge, awareness of dangers and vital life-saving information.

Personal Survival Award objective

To pass this part of the Swim England Water Safety and Survival Awards learners have:

1  To enter water of at least full reach depth from the side of the pool by sliding in from a sitting position.
2  To tread water for two minutes.
3  To swim 25 metres to a floating object.
4  To take up and hold the ‘H.E.L.P.’ position for five minutes in water of at least full reach depth.
5  To swim 50 metres retaining the floating object.
6  To climb out from water of at least full reach depth without using the steps or rail or any other assistance.
7  To answer three questions on when the skills learned might be used.



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