Here you’ll find most answers to the commonly asked questions about Ducklings and Dolphins Swim School.

Do I have to stay during the swimming lesson?
If your child is 8 or over, and you feel they will be safe toileting and/or getting ready. Then that is the decision of parents to be made. However, if your child is under 8, a parent or carer must be around in case the swimmer needs to leave the pool. When the swimmers are in the water, the teacher is then responsible for the pupil.
If the lesson is cancelled due to weather or circumstances to why the pool is shut do I still have to pay?
No, the lesson will be rearranged and the this will delay the payments.
do I need to buy any equipment for my child?
Other than hats, swimwear and goggles if required. All other equipment is supplied by Ducklings and Dolphins.
My child is ill, do I still bring them to swimming?
No, if your child is ill. They will not be allowed to swim as they may pass on infections. If it is a bruise or strain then the lesson will be adapted for this and will be given additional resting time in lesson if needed.
How long is each lesson?
Each lesson is 30 minutes.
How quickly will my child learn to swim?
Ducklings and Dolphins are very technique orientated, but importantly each lesson must show progression in some way to every swimmer/pupil. This has been my Ethos when teaching/coaching or educating within schools. Progression will be in every lesson, however some may naturally learn quicker or slower than others. I always tell the pupils that there is no word as “cant” in my lessons.
If my child cannot attend do I still have to pay?
Unfortunately yes, the reason being, this slot could be filled by another child on the waiting list.
When is it best time/ age to start swimming
I don’t start lessons until 3 years old. Reason being I am a firm believer of not charging for lessons at an age of under 3, as it is more a case of getting used to water and splashing and movement. Which can be simply done by parents which is pleasant for family time and feel it is more suitable for families to do this rather than be charged by Ducklings and Dolphins. If you are above 3 and cannot swim, its never to late to learn to swim and be safe in the water. I have experience of helping adults over the years and they have appreciated lessons, holidays can be have new experiences and more importantly this passes on a positive vibe for children and they can now take them swimming.
Why is it important to learn to swim?
“Drowning is still one of the most common causes of accidental death in children, so being able to swim is an essential life-saving skill. Swimming is lots of fun for people of all ages and children especially love getting in the water and enjoying themselves. Swimming also provides loads of health benefits which can help to keep your children healthy and happy at the same time: • Swimming keeps your child’s heart and lungs healthy, improves strength and flexibility, increases stamina and even improves balance and posture. Another great thing about swimming is that children of any age or ability can take part and it is more accessible for children with additional needs than almost any other sport. • Swimming provides challenges and rewards accomplishments, which helps children to become self-confident and believe in their abilities. • Your child will have plenty of opportunities to make friends and grow in confidence. Health, fun, and confidence are not the only reasons why your child should learn to swim. Learning to swim also opens up the door to a range of other activities.”
How many children are there per class?
There will be 6 per class, and younger classes will likely to have an assistant dependant on abilities. If your child is at a good standard an assistant will not be needed. Those just starting will have an assistant so ratios are 3:1 children to adults, and is used in many schools.
How can I prepare my child/children for lessons?
Ensure them they will be looked after by staff, keep clam about the situation. I do offer stickers for “star of the week” and “swimmer of the month” which is free. Ducklings and Dolphins will always offer positive reinforcement letting swimmers know how fantastic they are and pass on a positive vibe. Let the teaching staff aware of this but do not stay to close to poolside as they settle quicker without parents close.
Why does my child/children have to wear a hat?
Many of pool hires do request that swimming hats must be worn. This is for hygiene reasons of the pools and saves on pollution of the pool. This also helps keep hair in good condition as chlorine can damage hair.
How does my child/children get their certificates?
There is a criteria for each award. These criteria needs to be met. If they have not met the award criteria it cannot be awarded. I have come across swimmers who have been incorrectly awarded so when going for later badges such as Bronze, Silver and Gold it becomes difficult to gain future awards. This also does not help with technique as they are practicing errors and I am a firm believer of “practice makes permanent” which was said to me by current England coach Bill Furniss . Therefore awards must not be easily awarded so the swimmer does not get into bad habits.
Do we offer one-to-one lessons or one-to-two lessons?
These lessons can be arranged by phoning Ducklings and Dolphins. The lessons will cost more than lessons with 6 pupils in them.
Can I use my camera/ mobile phone on poolside?
For child protection reasons the use of camera’s and / or mobile phones is not permitted on poolside.
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